EPC founder Lindi Conover-Thompson has spent years working with communities and organizations. Through her research and first-hand experience, she has found that one of the biggest challenges facing communities and organizations alike is the need to coordinate with other agencies to maximize their impact. But the trouble is that there simply aren’t the resources there that are needed to make this happen—not enough people, not enough time, or not enough money.


EPC makes cross-collaboration easy. Our facilitators and subject experts work with you to identify what is needed. We then create synergy and build relationships with the critical stakeholders so that you can focus on what you do best. We educate and create collaborative relationships while your agency concentrates on its specific strengths.

Our team of nonprofit and community development experts are

always hard at work delivering trainings throughout the country.

We are available to deliver specific trainings to your team on a variety of topics relating to community development, community organizing, and creating collaborative impact.


Creating genuinely engaged and dedicated partners is key to creating authentic impact. We help our clients engage their partners through authentic and fun facilitation. This isn’t your cheesy trust-fall, zip-line experience. We move our clients through bold, useful exercised aimed at creating respectful and mutually beneficial relationships.

This is key to real action.