You have brilliant ideas.

Whether you’re adding to an establish project, or you’re hoping to launch a new initiative from scratch, EPCollaboration will give you the skills and tools you need to get it off the ground. We do this by assessing past and current project/program history and create a strategic plan for moving forward.

The EPC Experience

Share – Build Trust – Identify

Plan the Work & Work the Plan


We want you to succeed.

When you work with EPCollaboration, your team and ideas are treated with respect and optimism. While we approach our work with humor and a sense of fun, we take collaboration seriously. We firmly believe that the answer is in the room—you just have to get the right people in the room.


We use our collaboration team leads combined with content experts to make sure that your project succeeds.

During the assessment phase, we invite obvious players to a meeting or a series of discovery meetings. Through guided conversation, we ask strategic questions regarding the issue at hand. We want you to lay it all out on the table. While your information will always remain confidential, we want you to share it all with us. We need to understand the good, the bad, the ugly, but also want you to share the possible and the hope in your project. This is key to making your project succeed.


During and after this initial assessment phase, we analyze various perspectives, resources, and desired outcomes. Often at this stage, we find that there are additional people and/or entities that should be at the table but aren’t. Our next step is to strategically invite these actors into the conversation and become a part of the action, when appropriate.

Build Trust

Every organization, every community, every individual, and even every idea is connected to a system—of other ideas, people, communities, and so on.  

We help all the team members to build trust with one another. This can involve mending years-long fractured relationships and organizational conflict. We know that conflict can lead to working in silos. Silos create wasted resources and project inefficiency.  We produce positive and functional relationships that make projects work for everyone.



No one knows your project as well as you do. But we also know that inviting an outside perspective into the conversation can yield a clearer vision and new ideas. Our collaborators and content experts carefully analyze the results of the assessment research, identifying root causes of existing problems and identify a pathway to success.

Plan the Work

The deliverable that you will receive from this project assessment is a workable plan for members of your team to put into action.

We develop a professional plan in the form of a living document (you receive a hard copy as well as a digital version that you can change as your project changes)  that can be altered as you move along.