Assessment & Audits

Your agency is doing great work. But have you ever thought that you could do more if you just knew where to start? EPC will assess your organization from all angles to develop a complete picture of how you can amplify your work. We work with individuals as well as agency-level goals to create a plan of action.

Strategic Planning

The first step in any successful project, program, or problem-solving venture is a solid understanding and an actionable plan. Find out more about how EPC works with you to assess and plan for success.

Grant Writing, Fundraising, & Development

We know that have a solid foundation and an actionable plan are a great place to start in any project. But money talks, and if the funding isn’t there to back it, your plan may collect dust on your proverbial shelf. EPC helps take you from plan to action by identifying ways to fund your great idea.

Training, Education & Facilitation

After years of experience and research, it’s clear to us at EPC that one of the key components in any success story is having stakeholder buy-in. But developing these relationships takes time, strategy, and education. We help you to create genuinely engaged partners through training, education, and facilitation.

Project Management & Implementation

Let our team of experts walk with you through the project (and beyond!) so you can focus on what you do best. We’ll handle the rest.