You and your team have great ideas. And for the most part, things are moving along. But do you dream of how you could do more? Have you ever thoughts that if you just changed things up a little bit, you could make a greater impact?


“Yes! Of course! But, we’re not sure where to start…”


You’re in the exact right place. EPCollaboration experts assess your organization at all levels to identify where the gaps are that are causing leakage and ineffectiveness.

We assess the people within your organization, including governing boards or councils, staff at the executive, administrative, and frontline levels, and the customers or clients you serve. We gather information through strategic group and individual interviews and conversations, and conduct on-site observations. We also review your agency’s broad, long-term visions, mid-range goals, and immediate needs and align those to your current situation.


At EPC, we believe that you are capable of amplifying impact by connecting individuals’ strengths with the agency’s needs. Based on assessment results, we are able to provide you with a tailored plan for moving forward.  These services include institutional strategic planning, as well as individualized leadership training for your team members.